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To become an illustrator, one needs to have certain skills and personal qualities.

SkillsĀ and Equipment

Skills For Illustration

To become an illustrator, one needs to have certain skills and personal qualities.

  • One should be excellent with drawing, imagination and creativity. You also need IT skills these days because nowadays most of the illustrators use computers and tablets for creating their designs.
  • One must grow skills for self-promotion and self-motivation. It is very essential to have an eye for designs and details. Also, one must learn to stick to the deadlines given for each tasks.
  • Communication plays an important role when it comes to negotiating with the colleagues and customers. If you want to become a scientific or technical illustrator then you must gain good knowledge about technology, medicine and science.
  • There are degree programs for both undergraduate and graduate if you want to learn more in depth regarding the technicalities behind illustrations.
  • Creating a portfolio is very important if you are serious about a career as an illustrator since it is used for demonstrating your skills and also if you have any special talent.
  • There are lots of training programs for illustrations offered by many universities for their master’s level students. These programs teach about design, drawing, perspective and layout. It can be a great opportunity for an illustrator to learn about both traditional and contemporary methods.


Equipment For Illustration

An illustrator can be immensely talented but if he does not have good knowledge about the equipment that are required for his art then all his efforts are of no use. One must understand that in today’s world you have a client for whom you need to prepare an illustration and they will be convinced only if it is done in a professional manner and looks more appealing.

  • First equipment is pencil. The best part about pencils is that you can try out various designs and easily rub it if you do not like. But it can be a tedious job to figure out the right pencil for a specific design because they come in lot of varieties like soft, hard, thin and thick.
  • Varieties of pens are also used by people to create their illustrations. Also, one should own a proper drawing table as it helps to achieve more perfection in your designs and drawings.
  • Nowadays, you even need a scanner if you wish to become a professional illustrator since at times you might require getting your creativity on the computer screen because obviously you might need to send them across to your clients. Nowadays, almost all printers come with a scanning property.
  • In today’s digital era, one must own a graphics tablet which comes with a digital pen to create his own digital masterpieces. It is always a good idea to invest on such products which are going to benefit you in the long run.