ImageProgress Ivenation 2008

To become an illustrator, one needs to have certain skills and personal qualities.

Software For Illustration

With the advancement of technology, there are varieties of software available which can make an illustrator’s life easier. These are the following:

  • Photoshop is one of the best graphic designer software which can be used to club several images and even remove any object from the image which is unwanted. It has features like clone stamp, perspective correction and channel mixing.
  • Adobe illustrator can be used for creating sketches, logos, typography, icons or other illustrations that are complex. This can be used to draw pixel perfect shapes for creating artwork which has seamless alignment. They have lot of plugins made for each version.
  • Inkscape is a tool perfect for graphic designers and vector art lovers. This professional tool is suitable for Windows, OS, Linux and Mac. This is very easy to use software which can help in making, sketching and coloring illustrations.
  • GIMP is also a good alternate to Adobe Photoshop. This is used by both photographers and graphic designers.